Meghan Sims - Visual Artist


Meghan Sims





Meghan Sims was born in Kitchener Ontario in 1980 with a rare visual condition called Achromatopsia.  Being an achromat, Sims carries a unique visual perception of the world around her.   It is this perception that has shaped and become characteristic of her artistic style.


The artist is fully colourblind, near sighted and extremely sensitive to light; causing day blindness.   These factors have inspired a lifelong curiosity with the idea of perception, light and shadow, both with and without the emotional values of colour.


In an effort to grasp the qualities of light, Sims sought private instruction in the world of photography.   A fast bond was made and after two years of study, photography became an intrinsic piece of the artist’s process.   Manipulating tonal values of light allowed for demonstration and experimentation of different perceptions.  Sims drew great inspiration and visual kinship from the work of Hungarian Photographer Brassai.  


After years of self taught experimentation, Sims returned to school where she was able to refine her artistic voice and diversify her skills.  Here, she strengthened her oil and acrylic paint techniques and began a new investigation into the properties of light; through glass blowing.  Sims wishes to continue polishing her glass design skills and evolve the role light plays in her work.


Through her work, Sims hopes to communicate her visual perception with the world around her.  Ideally, the artist strives to open a dialogue where education and communication around differences in perception are contemplated; especially where the idea of disability is concerned.   Sims believes that through connection, healing and growth can take place; making art a universal communicator for all to see.




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